Progressive Running Plans

Couch-2-5K - on break for the summer, will return for Fall 2018

The goal of this beginner-level program is to get you from a couch potato to a runner! This program is designed to help you transform your sedentary lifestyle into an active one and incorporate running into your daily life. Though designed for beginners, we certainly welcome more experienced runners who are looking for some structure. The plan's manageable expectations makes it a great fit for anyone and its structure allows for early success.


Precision Fitness coach Mike Smith leads these progressive 6-week programs through a series of carefully constructed workouts .
    -    USA Track and Field as well as USA Triathlon 
    -    National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist

Since 2001, Precision Fitness professionals have helped countless numbers of athletes of all levels, from the student athlete to the professional athletes; now let them help you.  Come join us for a great experience that will be fun for all!

For more information, including inquiries about classes already in session, please email John Anderson or call 704-892-6031, extension 188.