Past Exhibits - Cornelius Arts Center Gallery

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Mud at the Mill
Sep-Oct, 2017
 30 local ceramic artists A collaboration with Carolina Clay Matters, Inc. Ceramics Guild that featured both functional and sculptural pieces.
Home Grown: Sprouts
Jul-Aug, 2017
Over 100 young artists/summer campers This mixed media exhibition featured works created during our Summer Arts & Recreation Camps, by young artists ages 4-16. 
Imaginative Approach
Apr-Jun, 2017
Liliana D'ambra   This local artist used acrylics, modeling paste on ceramic bas relief, and canvas to create works inspired by Mediterranean culture.
Home Grown
Feb-Mar, 2017
 Various local artists This year's annual local art showcase included over 100 different local artists of all ages  & abilities, in all mediums.
Aug-Nov, 2016
 Michelle Podgorski The watercolor paintings in Adaptation included landscapes expressing nature's resilience to human destruction and the beauty within.
Apr-Aug, 2016
 Ingrid Erickson Talons featured gorgeous and intricate paper-cut works inspired by studying birds within their habitat at the Carolina Raptor Center.
Home Grown
Feb-Apr, 2016
 Various local artists This year's annual local art showcase included over 90 different local artists of all ages & abilities, in all mediums.
Sep-Dec, 2015
S. Gayle Stevens, Diana H. Bloomfield, Aspen Hochhalter & Christina Z. Anderson Awakening united the art of four female photographers from across the United States for a visual exploration of the internal human experience.
you AND i
May-Aug, 2015
Rocyeun Kim Using red thread, Kim constructs visual representations of a multitude of personal connections. 
Apr 2015
Sydney Sogol, Anatoly Tsiris, Michael Hamlin-Smith, Jessica Singerman, Jim Miles & Allison Luce  Transcendence encouraged viewers to wander through the woods to contemplate our inherent connection with the natural world. 
Native Tongues
Feb-Mar, 2015
John Hairston, Jr  Hairston uses both vibrant & rough strokes, brilliant colors & symbolic throwbacks to his 80's roots in his works.
Home Grown
Nov, 2014-Jan, 2015
Various local artists This year's annual local art showcase included over 80 different local artists of all ages & abilities, in all mediums.
Alchemy of Tea
Oct-Nov, 2014
Barbara Bartlett, Bridget Conn, Elizabeth Alexander, Jennifer Coyne-Qudeen, Mari Omori & Rodney Thompson  This unique & stunning collection provoked viewers to ponder the transformation of tea into art objects, from installation to photography & porcelain to encaustic. 
Jul-Aug, 2014 
Adam McGalliard  Projected layers added depth to seemingly traditional portraits & forced the viewer to question their meanings.
May-Jul, 2014 
Meredith Connelly Viewers interacted with & pondered light, shadow, time, nature & energy in this large, sound-sensitive, illuminated sculpture.
Markers of Our Lives
Mar-Apr, 2014 
Bryant Holsenbeck  A community mandala was designed by the artist & made out of recycled bottle caps and lids on the floor of the Center. 
Red Earth
Jan-Feb, 2014 
Amy Sanders  Sanders' ceramic pieces use textures, layers, color & form to engage the viewer with a nostalgic sense of comfort.
Home Grown
Nov-Dec, 2013 
Various local artists  Our celebration of local art featured the work of artists from Cornelius & the surrounding towns. This year's exhibit showcased the talent of over 60 artists.
Sep-Oct, 2013
Annada Hypes In Hypes' poignant paintings & prints, animals take on new forms & interact with words.
Jul-Aug, 2013 
Nathaniel Lancaster Lancaster's thoughtfully layered images were paired with whimsical titles that offered new meanings.
Apr-Jun, 2013 
Amy Bagwell, Andrea Vail, Jessica Naples & Laurie Schorr  These artists resurrect ordinary objects into beautiful new forms of "upcycled" art that transcend their original purpose & meaning. 
In Pieces
Feb-Mar, 2013 
Monique Luck Luck models the features of figures & natural forms using fragments of found paper. The artist also produced a commissioned piece for the Town that is used as the entrance sign for the Cornelius Community Garden.
Teaching Talents 
Nov, 2012 - Jan, 2013
CAC Art Instructors The Center celebrated the work of the art instructors who provide programs at the CAC in this vibrant & diverse exhibition.