Robbins Park Hotel

About the Project

Request by Sreeramulu Nara to develop a hotel at the intersection of West Catawba Avenue and Waterview Drive. The hotel will have 302 guest suites, a convention center and amenities.

Current Use: Vacant.  Current Zoning: Neighborhood Residential and General Residential, Lake Norman Watershed Critical Area. Proposed Zoning: Conditional Zoning. PID: 00142201, 00142202. Total acreage: 6.165


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  • Staff completed the first round of plan review and is awaiting the submission of plan revisions.
  • Staff provided the applicant with the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) scoping Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) along with the required TIA fee. The preparation of the TIA will not begin until the applicant agrees to and signs the MOU and pays the required TIA fee. The Town will be contracting with Kimley Horn (KH) traffic engineers to prepare the TIA. KH has indicated that once the TIA fee is paid to the Town and the Town gives the notice to proceed, it will take approximately ten weeks to prepare the TIA. A completed and approved TIA is required to be available for public inspection and review prior to the scheduling of any Planning Board meeting for project review.
  • The applicant gave the Architectural Review Board (ARB) an initial presentation for information purposes only on September 9, 2016. The ARB requested the project team revise the drawings and return with plans that potentially reduce height, address scale and form, reduce reflective glass and provide a better explanation of parking provisions.


Meeting dates are subject to change. Please revisit this page prior to any meeting to confirm the date and time. All meetings will be in Town Hall (21445 Catawba Avenue), unless indicated otherwise.

Planning Board

Date:   TBD
Time:  6:30 PM

Town Board

Date:   TBD
Time:  7:00 PM