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Greenway Projects

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Antiquity (South Prong of the Rocky River) Greenway
Please stay off the greenway while it is under construction - for your safety!

The much-anticipated opening of the Antiquity Greenway gets closer each and every day and we are all excited by it. However, the Antiquity Greenway is still under construction and IS NOT YET SAFE to be used by pedestrians, bicyclists, or children. There is sharp rebar sticking up in various locations and concrete work being done throughout the site. Trespassing at any time of day or night is dangerous and can delay the project's opening. Please keep clear of the project area until the official opening in late September. 

You are invited to the Antiquity Greenway Dedication on Saturday, September 28, at 9 a.m. 

Afterwards, please stay for the Lake Norman Bike Expo.

This 0.6-mile trail will connect downtown Cornelius to the existing Rocky River Greenway in Davidson, skirting the north side of Antiquity and including a neighborhood connection on South Street near the covered bridge. This project is targeted for completion by late summer 2019.  Antiquity Greenway Map

UNDER CONSTRUCTION SOON: Plum Creek (South Bailey Road) Greenway

This +/- 0.5. mile section will start at the existing multi-use path by Hough High School at Bailey Road and connect to the existing Davidson Greenway. View the proposed alignment.

CONSTRUCTION OUT FOR BID: McDowell Creek Greenway Phase II 

The 1.6-mile extension of the existing McDowell Creek Greenway, between Birkdale and Westmoreland Road, will continue from Westmoreland Road up to Catawba Avenue near Magnolia Estates/Publix . This project was funded by the 2013 voter-approved Park & Recreation bond referendum.  

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for the construction of McDowell Creek Greenway Phase II Dana’s Branch will be received by the Town of Cornelius until 2:00 P.M. on October 11, 2019.  The entire bid package is available from TPM, Inc., 900 Pressley Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28217 or The Town of Cornelius reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Bidders must be licensed contractors in the State of North Carolina. Invitation to Bid

UNDER DESIGN: Smithville-to-JV Washam Greenway

This 1.6-mile greenway will be built along with a 0.7-mile multi-use path along Westmoreland Road and a restoration project for Upper McDowell Creek.  PARC held a public information meeting at Town Hall on October 2, 2018, and will hold another meeting in 2019. View the proposed alignment.

PROPOSED: Greenway Trail Construction

Find out more about the proposed Mooresville to Charlotte Trail, a 30-mile trail that will provide a corridor for non-motorized transportation (bicycle and pedestrian) in our region. Get additional information.

Caldwell Station Creek Greenway Parking Lot

There is a gravel parking lot at 10000 Bailey Road, providing five (5) parking spaces for you to use while you enjoy the new Caldwell Station Creek Greenway. Additional parking is available at Bailey Road Park, 11536 Bailey Road.

Greenway Rules


   (A)   No person shall drive or park a vehicle in any park or within or upon a safety zone, walking path, bicycle trail, jogging trail, fire truck trail, service road or any part of any park not so designated for vehicular traffic by the Director, nor in an area or on a road or trail marked for authorized vehicles only.

Relevant Definitions:

VEHICLE.  Any wheeled conveyance, whether motor powered or animal driven, including but not limited to motorbikes, mopeds, and motorcycles; except self-powered bicycles, wheel chairs and similar vehicles, baby carriages, and vehicles in the service of the Department.

PARK.  All parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, greenway, water areas, wildlife refuges, nature preserves or other recreation areas, including any adjacent public parking area as well as the driveway, entrance way or pedestrian walkway used by the public to access the park or recreation center, developed or undeveloped, and structures thereon, owned, operated, jointly operated, leased or managed by the town.

Master Plan

Greenway trails are located in linear corridors designed to connect people and places together. The trails are paved and can accommodate a variety of trail users, enhance existing recreational opportunities, provide routes for alternative non-motorized transportation, and improve the overall quality of life. See below for information about greenways currently under construction or under design. We have many more miles of greenway planned. See maps and more by viewing our 2015-2025 Parks and Greenways Master Plan.