Cornelius Police Department


The Administrative Division provides leadership and management to the Cornelius Police Department, and is responsible for the overall operation of the department. This division is under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police, and is organized as follows:

Chief of Police - Kevin Black
Police Major - David Baucom
Police Analyst - Bridget Burleson
Surveillance Technician - Daniel Abraham
Assistant to the Chief of Police - Amy Quinn
Receptionist - Katie Queen
Records Manager - April Beckman
Budgeting is one of the primary and most important functions of the Administrative Division.  This functional area ensures that financial resources are available to meet the needs of the community while providing accountability that funds are used appropriately. The budget process is an organizational-wide function.  Daily budget oversight is provided by the Police Major.  The Administrative Division is also responsible for ensuring that all Departmental records are properly maintained, distributed, filed, and purged in accordance with Federal and State guidelines.  

Planning & Analysis
The planning and analysis function is charged with creating an intelligent picture of issues within the Town of Cornelius where an effective police response can be successful. This unit also provides considerable research and reporting on policy development, management and industry best practices.  The Surveillance function is responsible for installation, repair, and maintenance of the Department's investigative and surveillance equipment.