Uniform Patrol

The Uniform Patrol section is the most visible of all police service units. This section drives all other police operations and is the first to respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service. Members of this section routinely perform preventative patrols, conduct preliminary investigations of crimes, enforce traffic laws and promote safety in the town. Uniform patrol officers are also tasked with conducting daily residential and business checks.

Patrol is divided further into two platoons commanded by a Lieutenant. Each platoon is comprised of two patrol squads supervised by a Sergeant. Each squad works a 12 hour shift. This structured organization allows for clear chain of command, communication laterally between shifts and ensures seamless work transitions. The start of each shift begins with a briefing where officers receive pertinent information such as wanted persons, runaways, missing persons, reported crimes and issues that may have occurred within a community during a prior shift. This information allows the officers the ability to effectively deal with re-occurring issues arising across different work periods.
Technology allows the department to keep its officers out on the streets with the implementation of laptop computers in our patrol vehicles. Officers are able to complete and submit reports in the field, rather than having to come to police headquarters to complete each report. The computers also allow officers to quickly check the status of vehicles and persons by simply entering basic information into the terminal. Patrol vehicles are also equipped with an Auto Vehicle Locator allowing dispatch to send the closest available patrol vehicle to emergency calls.

Working with the Community
Patrol Car and Boat (2)
The Uniform Patrol section is comprised of dedicated men and women who are driven to maintain safety and well-being through effective problem solving, and community involvement and interaction. The department is dedicated to and holds a strong belief in the community-oriented policing philosophy. Officers actively engage the public for their input into matters concerning them personally and the neighborhood where they live. Working together with community members and business owners, our officers are able to promote the safety and well-being of our community to make Cornelius a great place to live, work, and visit.