Yard Waste Collections

Yard waste is collected every week on the same day as your garbage is collected. Yard waste bins are not provided and material must be prepared according to the guidelines specified below.

Yard Waste Includes

Yard waste consists of excess leaves, grass, tree and shrubbery trimmings and other organic material removed in general maintenance of property by the homeowner. Yard waste does not consist of construction debris, demolition debris, dirt, brick, block, sod, mud, pavement or any other material that could be defined as household waste or non-compost material.

Prepare Yard Waste

In order for yard waste to be collected it must be prepared as follows:
  • Clear plastic bags can be tied and any other style bag that is not clear must be left open. Bags over 50 pounds will be left on the curbside.
  • Loose piles consisting of grass (of any kind) or organic matter will not be serviced.
  • Waste Pro will collect bagged leaves up to a maximum of 20 bags per week.
  • Manageable piles of limbs or brush will be collected. This doesn't include Pampas Grass type material; this material must be bagged for retrieval. Tree limbs will be collected only if they meet the following specifications:
    • No larger than 5 inches in diameter.
    • No longer than 5 feet in length.
    • Stacked in piles that do not exceed 4 feet high x 5 feet long x 4 feet wide. 
    • There should also be 2 feet in between each pile.

Placement Guidelines

  • Do not place yard debris on the sidewalk.
  • Yard waste should only be placed on the curb of the house that generated the yard waste.


Yard waste that does not meet the above criteria will be tagged as non-compliant and will not be picked up. If the resident makes the pile conform, it will be collected on the next regularly scheduled pick-up day. However, you may not leave your yard waste at the curb until the next pick-up date if it is non-compliant.

Leaf Vacuuming Service

Beginning November 1, the Town of Cornelius will provide street-side leaf vacuuming services. The service will run through January. Leaf piles should be placed at the curb. Please do not put limbs or trash in the leaf piles. Leaves will need to be bagged before and after this time by following the Prepare Yard Waste section.

Leaves may also be dropped off at the following locations:

Company Phone Address
North Mecklenburg Recycle Center 980-314-3867 12300 N. Statesville Road, Huntersville, NC
Compost Central--Mecklenburg County 980-314-3867
140 Valleydale Road, Charlotte, NC
Soil Supply 980-314-3867
10219 Hagers Rd, Huntersville, NC