Utility Right-of-Way

Road Work Process

The Town of Cornelius Board of Commissioners has recently adopted a new policy regarding the right-of-way and the utilities that work within this right-of-way. In order for any utility to work on, under or above any public right-of-way, they must obtain a valid right-of-way master permit from the town. The Town of Cornelius now requires that a contact sheet with the master permit holder's information, contractor information and emergency contact so that we may more easily inform the public of any work being done and to ensure the safety of all workers. It is also now required that utilities complete the notification and work approval application so the town may more easily keep track of what work is being done on its public right-of-ways.

Return Application

Please return completed documentation to the assistant town manager, or contact him with any questions, via email or phone at 704-892-6031. The documents must be completed and returned before any work may begin.