Detailed Instructions

Property Information
Mecklenburg County maintains the following websites which will assist you in finding information about your property:

Property Ownership and Land Records Information System (POLARIS)
After entering the Property Ownership and Land Records Information System (POLARIS) website, you can search on a property by address, property owner or other means.When you click on the appropriate property in the search results, the screen basically has three areas:
  • Left side contains information on the property, including the legal description, deed references, photos, tax bill info, etc.
  • The middle of the screen is the map area.
  • The right side contains options to provide additional information.
    1. The layers button is very useful and when you click on that you will notice the left side of the screen changes to give you various options on how to view properties.
    2. This is where you can select the 10 foot corridors to visualize the approximate location of the 760 contour line.
    3. At the bottom of the layers list is an option to turn on an aerial view.
    4. There is a measure tool on the right panel.
    5. Once you click that and drag your mouse, you will notice some boxes at the top of the map that will show you feet, area, etc.
    6. Caution:Please keep in mind that what you see on the map are approximations.You need to rely on a survey to insure the location of the 760 contour line, property lines, structure locations, etc.

Register of Deeds
The Register of Deeds website contains legal documents associated with your property such as a deed of trust or recorded plat.To find your recorded plat:
  1. Go to POLARIS and search for the property in question.
  2. Look for the most recent Deed of Trust reference on the left side of the screen
  3. If the deed reference is an active link, click the link to go to the Register of Deeds website; otherwise go to the Register of Deeds website.
  4. Enter the book number and page number of the deed of trust.
  5. Look through the deed of trust for the map book and page number.
  6. Click the New Search icon and enter the book and page number
  7. View the image to see the recorded plat.