Team Assignments, Practices & Games


CPRD WILL consider requests for team assignment, practice time and/or night, etc., but ultimately team assignments are selected by the coaches during the draft process. Therefore, we CANNOT GUARANTEE we will or can honor any of the above requests. Special requests can be made as a transaction note, via email to, or in person at the CPRD office (21445 Catawba Avenue, 2nd Floor). Once the draft has occurred, no players will be moved to another team. At the conclusion of the league draft, coaches will receive a copy of their team roster.  Coaches should contact their team by Friday, January 7.  Practices begin the week of January 10.  


2022 Flag Football Draft Schedule                                    2022 Flag Football Draft Rules

One of this season’s program modifications will be parents providing skills assessments of their children in lieu of in-person skills evaluations (“skills days”). This modification will reduce in-person gatherings for staff, volunteer coaches, players, and their families. Please rate your child on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being very skilled at flag football, experienced in league play, and/or a strong knowledge of the sport, and 1 being unskilled or low-skilled at flag football, new to league play, and/or little to no knowledge of the sport. 

Coaches and their coaching partners will still have their children drafted to their teams. Siblings will also be drafted to the same team. These assignments will be in place automatically unless otherwise communicated as a transaction note during the registration process.

There will be a league draft, which will be conducted one age division at a time. Details regarding dates and the times will be distributed prior to the coaches’ meetings. All draft rules and procedures will also be discussed at the coaches’ meetings.  Coaches will receive a copy of their team roster by the close of business on Thursday, January 6.  Coaches should notify the players on their team by Friday, January 7. Coaches, we highly recommend that you ask for a confirmation of receipt when emailing your team members.

CPRD reserve the right to modify the Team Assignment process as needed. Team Assignment protocols and procedures are subject to change based upon total registration.

Please be aware of the following facts:
  • CPRD  WILL consider special requests made regarding team assignments, practice night preferences, etc. but ultimately this is a drafted league and team assignments are selected by the coaches during the draft process.  Therefore, we CANNOT guarantee we will or can honor any of the above requests.
  • Our refund policy remains in place, regardless of whether or not your special request was accommodated.


Games are usually scheduled to be played on Mondays and will take place at:
  • Bailey Road Park Football Field,  11536 Bailey Road
Our goal is to host all league activities on the multi-purpose fields at Bailey Road Park, however athletic field availability may necessitate the use of the multi-purpose field at Smithville Park.

Any change in location of league activities will be communicated to coaches.


  • All participants must wear their official jersey at each game. Metal cleats will not be allowed, only tennis shoes or plastic/rubber cleats.
  • All players must wear protective mouthpieces during each practice and each game. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Team practices will begin on Monday, January 10.  Equipment will be handed out at this time and teams will be able to practice or  scrimmage. Individual team practices will begin that same week, held on either Wednesday or Thursday.  All practices will last approximately one (1) hour.


  • League play for all divisions is scheduled to begin on Monday, January 17. 
  • For all divisions, teams will be scheduled to participate in six (6) regular season games followed by either a bowl game or  a single elimination post-season tournament.
  • The number of games and practices, dates, times, and locations, for all divisions, are subject to change based upon total registration (team numbers) and weather conditions. 
  • The Athletics Program Manager, or his designee, reserves the right to modify the total number of games, regular season and post-season schedules, as needed so that the season can end in a reasonable amount of time.
  • League games may also be scheduled on an alternate weeknight in the event of schedule changes or postponements. Please be prepared to play on weeknights for tournament play.


In the event of inclement weather or other factors that might place events in question, we will provide an updated message on our Weather Hotline, 704-896-2460 ext. 290.  Please call this number on weekdays after 4 p.m. and on Saturdays after 8 a.m.

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