Submitted Projects

The projects listed on the left have been submitted for Board review. 

Board Approved Projects

Below are projects approved by the Town Board.

  • Hyundai Amendment, approved October 3, 2022 amend a previously approved conditional district plan that allowed two buildings totaling 35,500 s.f. to a plan with one building totaling 44,482 s.f. An increase of 8,982 s.f. 
  • Cornelius Mixed-Use Building, approved September 6, 2022 to construct a four-story mixed-use building located at 19615 Bethel Church.
  • Alexander Farm Amendment, approved May 16, 2022 to increases the number of senior apartments from 130 to 143 units, preserves and relocate the tenant house, and modify the site plan to avoid uses in utility easements.
  • Van Zen Luxury Car Club, approved October 18, 2021 to construct a 40,000 sq. ft. club house and 105 garage storage units in four buildings totaling 64,000 sq. ft. on Chartown Drive.
  • Action Water Sports, approved October 4, 2021 to construct a 10,000 sq. ft. building for retail boat sales and storage on Chartown Drive, south of Life Fellowship Church.
  • The Towns at Feriba, approved September 20, 2021 to build 7 single-family homes at 19751 Feriba Place.
  • Sefton Park, approved September 20, 2021 for a mixed-use development consisting of multi-family, commercial space, hotel site east of Emporia Street between West Catawba and Sefton Park Road.
  • Greenway Gartens, approved September 7, 2021 to re-develop the Curtis Screw Factory site (20404 Zion Avenue) into 346 multi-family units, 14 townhomes, a micro-brewery, an indoor events/gathering facility, and up to 10,000 sq. ft. of commercial space in the current phase.
  • Caroline, approved September 7, 2021 to construct 180 unit active adult/age-restricted multi-family units and 110 unrestricted multi-family units in the current phase.
  • Atrium Medical Office Building (MOB), approved August 16, 2021 to construct a 25,000 sq. ft. medical office building on Statesville Road.
  • The Venue, approved August 2, 2021, to develop a mixed-use project comprised of up to 70 apartments and 6,000 square feet of ground floor retail, restaurant, commercial, and office space in one 5 story building on S. Main Street. 
  • Junker Property, approved June 21, 2021 to construct up to 195 multi-family units on 12 acres at 18955 West Catawba Avenue.
  • Mayes Meadow, approved May 17, 2021, to construct up to 160 single family homes on Mayes Road.
  • LKNCDJR Dealership, approved April 19, 2021, to add parcels to the ASD-O and to construct a 46,800 +/- square foot vehicle sales dealership and a boat sales dealership.
  • The Forest at Bailey's Glen Ph 4, approved April 5, 2021 to construct 7 single-family detached homes on 5.85 acres.
  • Bailey's Glen Boon property, approved April 5, 2021, to construct 9 single-family detached homes on 8.11 acres.
  • N. Zion Medical Building, approved February 15, 2021, to construct a 16,000 (maximum) square foot building for office use.
  • Cottonwood Cell Tower, approved January 4, 2021 to replace the current 115' monopole cell tower on the Duke Energy property located at 19328 Lake Norman Cove Drive with a 199' unipole cell tower.
  • Cain Center for the Arts, approved November 16, 2020  to construct a  30,000 square foot, 400 seat performing arts center.   
  • Alexander Farm, approved October 5, 2020 to develop approximately 55 acres into a mixed use development consisting of commercial, independent living, single-family residences, and open space.
  • The Forest at Bailey's Glen Ph3, V2, approved October 5, 2020 to construct 11 single-family residences and an amenity center on approximately 13.5 acres located at 18375 Barnhardt Road.
  • Washam Potts Town-Homes, approved February 3, 2020 to construct 27 single family town-homes on approximately 6.8 acres located at 10212 Washam Potts Road.
  • Hwy 21 Car Wash General Rezoning, approved December 2, 2019 to rezone a portion of a previously approved Conditional Zoning plan (REZ 10-17) to Highway Commercial, Automotive Sales District Overlay. Property located at 18831 Statesville Road.
  • Bailey's Glen Multi-Family Amendment, approved November 18, 2019 to amend a previously approved plan to add a clubhouse building for the pool, an additional building to function as the pool pump house and for chemical storage, and a reduction in the screening buffer along Old Statesville Road. The site is located on the western edge of the Bailey's Glen neighborhood, adjacent to the railroad tracks.
  • The Forest at Bailey's Glen P3, conditional zoning approved June 3, 2019 to construct 16 single-family residences on Barnhardt Road and to relocate an approved amenity center from phase 2 on Bailey Road to Barnhardt Road.
  • State Employees Credit Union (SECU), conditional zoning approved May 6, 2019 to construct an 8,500 square foot building with 5 drive-through lanes and street frontage parking located at 19901 Holiday Lane (Current Days Inn site).
  • The Retreat at West Catawba, conditional zoning approved May 6, 2019 to develop approximately 9.5 acres of single-family and vacant land into 57 town-home units located at 17201 West Catawba Avenue.
  • Mulberry Townhomes, conditional zoning approved April 1, 2019 to develop approximately 0.323 acres of vacant land into 6 town home units. Location: 19834 Mulberry Street.
  • CD Nantz, conditional zoning approved November 19, 2018 to develop approximately 9 acres on West Catawba Avenue for commercial/retail purposes. Location: 18808 & 18830 West Catawba Avenue.
  • Cambridge Square, conditional zoning approved November 5, 2018 to develop a mixed-use community consisting of 20 single-family residential units and 2 commercial buildings. Location: 18731 West Catawba Avenue.
  • Queens Street, approved 1/16/2018  to subdivide two parcels into five single-family residential lots.
  • Mama's Pizza, approved 8/7/2017 to construct a new 5,250 square foot multi-use building on the current site located at 19741 South Main Street. 3,000 square feet will be used for Mama's Pizza, including outdoor dining space, and 2,000 square feet will be for commercial use. The current building will be demolished.
  • Village at Oakhurst, approved 11/21/2016 to develop two parcels at the northeast corner of Bailey Road and Statesville Road into a mixed-use retail, restaurant and office village, similar to the adjacent Oakhurst I.
  • Belle Isle Salon, a new 3,610 square foot building at 20627 N Main Street for a salon, retail and office use approved on 7/18/2016.
  • The Forest at Bailey's Glen, approved 2/15/2016 to amend to the Bailey’s Glen II subdivision for an additional 103 lots on 9 additional parcels and 57.87 additional acres bringing the totals for the modified plan, The Forest at Bailey’s Glen, to: 179 lots, 12 parcels, approximately 110 acres.
  • Mt. Zion Senior Center, approved 8/3/2015 to develop 9.7 acres into a senior living community including 24 quad/duplex units, 80 independent living apartments and a 6,000 square foot community center.
  • Beverly Subdivision, approved 3/2/2015 to construct a single-family subdivision off Bailey Road to the east of Hough High School.
  • Bailey's Glen II (Barnhardt Subdivision), approved 1/5/2015 to construct a 78 lot, single-family subdivision off Bailey Road.
  • Bailey's Glen Multi-Family Amendment, approved 12/15/2014 to construct 132 units. The previously approved plan contained 96 units.