Skills Assessment Days


With the exception of the Instructional Division (ages 5-6), all participants are expected to attend one (1) of the two (2) skills days. The skills days will provide training / practice opportunities for each participant while also allowing coaches and our staff the opportunity to evaluate each participant.

The participant evaluations are critical, as they provide detailed information for the coaches to select players during the league draft.

Every child that participates in the 2018-2019 Youth Basketball League (with the exception of the Instructional Division) will be selected through a draft process. Participants that do not attend a skills days for their age division may be rated by general consensus of staff and coaches. Unknown/unrated players that do not attend any skills days will not be drafted during the player draft in November. Instead, at the conclusion of the regular draft, coaches will randomly draw unknown/unrated participants, based on the same order in which the draft was conducted.



Saturday, November 3

 Division Time Location
 Girls 7-9  9:00 am  Davidson Elementary School
 Boys 7-8  9:45 am  Davidson Elementary School
 Girls 10-11  11:00 am  Davidson Elementary School
 Boys 9-10  11:45 am  Davidson Elementary School
 Girls 12-15  9:00 am  Bailey Middle School
 Boys 11-12   9:45 am               Bailey Middle School
 Boys 13-14           11:00 am  Bailey Middle School
 Boys 15-16  12:15 pm  Bailey Middle School
 Boys 17-18   1:00 pm  Bailey Middle School

Monday, November 5

 Division  Time  Location
 Girls 10-11  6:00 pm  JV Washam Elementary School
 Boys 11-12  6:45 pm  JV Washam Elementary School
 Girls 12-15  8:00 pm  JV Washam Elementary School

Tuesday, November 6

 Division  Time  Location
 Girls 7-9        6:00 pm  Davidson Elementary School
 Boys 7-8  6:45 pm  Davidson Elementary School

Wednesday, November 7

 Division Time  Location 
 Boys 9-10  6:00 pm  JV Washam Elementary School
 Boys 13-14     7:15 pm  JV Washam Elementary School  
 Boys 15-16                  8:15 pm             JV Washam Elementary School
 Boys 17-18  9:00 pm  JV Washam Elementary School