Arts District Planning



Planning staff are in the early stages of defining a potential arts district. What is an arts district? As outlined in Planning Director Wayne Herron's presentation on January 30, 2017, an arts district is a delineated mixed-use area usually within or on the periphery of a center city intended to create a “critical mass” of places of cultural consumption, such as art galleries, theatres, art cinemas, music venues, and public squares.

On January 30, 2017 members of each Town appointed board or committee (Architectural Review Board, Historic Preservation Committee, Land Development Code Advisory Board, Planning Board, and the Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture Commission) met to hear presentations and to provide initial input on a new arts district to staff. Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture (PARC) Director Troy Fitzsimmons also gave a presentation on the Cornelius Arts & Community Center.

You will hear more about this new district in the coming months and to provide input at public meetings. In the meantime, read the above mentioned presentations and give us your thoughts. Completed forms may be emailed to Wayne Herron, Planning Director.