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Torrence Chapel/Liverpool

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Torrence Chapel/Knox


Since 2015, NCDOT has been working with a stakeholder committee and the Town to design intersection improvements for the West Catawba Avenue/Torrence Chapel Road corridor to improve traffic flow. The solution includes 3 round-abouts - 2 on Torrence Chapel and 1 on Liverpool Parkway. Traffic counts will be taken at the completion of this project. NCDOT has stated that when those traffic counts increase by 10%, left turns from southbound Torrence Chapel to eastbound West Catawba will be prohibited.  


Date Activity
October, 2015 Stakeholder committee formed to evaluate alternatives
October 20, 2016 Public meeting at Cornelius Town Hall
January, 2017 Town Board meeting with NCDOT
February 20, 2019 Public meeting at Cornelius Town Hall
  NCDOT conducted 3 additional small group meetings, at the request of the Town
May, 2019 Project design finalized; no additional public input concerning the design.
2019 Utility Right-of-Way Acquisition begins
2020 Utility relocation begins
2022 Construction begins (start delayed due to COVID-19). The project will likely be constructed in 3 phases 
to ease the impacts on day-to-day business and travel. NCDOT is expected to conduct an 
information session to update the public on the phased construction schedule, lane closures, and detour plans.

More Information

For more information, visit the Proposed Intersection Improvements on NCDOT's website.