Torrence Chapel/W. Catawba (U-5906)


Torrence Chapel/Liverpool

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Torrence Chapel/Knox


Since 2015, NCDOT has been working with a stakeholder committee and the Town to design intersection improvements for the West Catawba Avenue/Torrence Chapel Road corridor to improve traffic flow. The solution includes 3 round-abouts - 2 on Torrence Chapel and 1 on Liverpool Parkway. Traffic counts will be taken at the completion of this project. NCDOT has stated that when those traffic counts increase by 10%, left turns from southbound Torrence Chapel to eastbound West Catawba will be prohibited.  


Date Activity
2020 Original construction date
2021 R-O-W acquisition and utility relocation
2023 Anticipated new construction date

More Information

For more information, visit the Proposed Intersection Improvements on NCDOT's website.