Leash Like You Mean It

Leash Like You Mean It is a multi-platform awareness campaign that aims to educate dog-owning residents on proper leash and restraint use on Town and public property.

Leashing your dog when visiting parks, greenways, and other public areas not only gives others peace of mind from unwanted interactions, but keeps you and your furry friend safe, too.

When you make the right choice and leash your dog, you set an example for dog owners who let poorly trained dogs off-leash. 

Any off-leash animal has the potential to default to instinct, chasing small animals off into densely wooded areas where harm could come to them. They also run the risk of being confronted by an aggressive animal and being out of their owner's reach.

Additionally, dogs are never allowed on athletic fields. While it might seem like a great place for a game of fetch, those little paws cause big damage to the fields we work so hard to maintain. 

Failure to comply can result in up to $225 in fines and possible expulsion from Town facilities.

For reference, Town ordinance states:

Title IX

Section 91.05.

(G) Restraint of animals.

(1)        It shall be unlawful for any person owning or having possession, charge, custody or control of any animal, excluding cats, to keep such animal upon his or her own premises or off the premises unless such animal is under sufficient physical restraint such as a leash, or bridle, or within a vehicle or adequately contained by a fence on the premises or other secure enclosure. If the physical restraint used is a leash or bridle requiring a person to control the animal, the person using the physical restraint must be of sufficient age and physical size or ability to reasonably restrain the animal. A standard leash may be no longer than ten (10’) feet in length; a retractable leash may be no longer than twenty-six feet 26’ in length when fully extended.  Electronic collars, training collars or other like devices that are remotely controlled by a person in possession, charge, custody or control of any animal do not provide physical restraint as required by this section. If the secure enclosure is an invisible fence system, then all components of the system must be in working order and in proper place. 

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