Parks & Recreation Commission


The Parks & Recreation Commission Members are appointed by the Town Board of Commissioners, with three new members appointed each year. Interested in serving on the Parks & Recreation Commission? Please fill out the Committee Appointment Form and submit it online or by mail. 


  • 5:30 p.m.
  • First Thursday of the month, unless noted otherwise
  • Town Hall


Minutes are available following approval:

  • Minutes from meetings held beginning February 2023
  • Minutes from meetings held July 2012, then August 2012 - January 2023
  • Minutes from meetings held January 2011 - June 2012, plus August 2012


First & Last NameCommission PositionTerm
Carla EustacheCommissioner, Seat 12/21-1/24
Trey FoucheVice-Chair, Seat 22/20-2/26
Jill RotundaCommissioner, Seat 32/22-1/25
Jon ShowCommissioner, Seat 42/21-1/24
Chris KolkhorstChair, Seat 52/22-1/25
Robert ReedCommissioner, Seat 62/21-1/24
Andrew HeywoodCommissioner, Seat 72/20-2/26
Jana RitterCommissioner, Seat 82/23-2/26
Travis DancyCommissioner, Seat 92/22-1/25